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plasma cutting

  • corte de chapas a medida con pantografo laser o plasma
  • corte de chapas para hacer piezas a medida
  • corte de caños con pantografo laser
  • corte de caños de hierro con plasma
  • corte de chapas con plasma


For the production of highly complex pieces, we use our laser and plasma cutting pantographs to suit all your needs. In case you need to make cuts and openings on round or square pipes, we have one of the only three unique pantographs that exist in the country, designed for such purpose in order to meet the requirements. The pieces are manufactured using the drawings or sample provided by the customer. In case we do not have the sheet or pipe with the required characteristics, you can bring your own material for us to complete the work, or we can order it for you.

Characteristics of plasma cutting

This is one of the most economical methods for the manufacturing of custom-made precision pieces.
Maximum thickness: Up to 25mm
Workbench size: 6200mm x 2600mm

Characteristics of laser cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most effective methods for the manufacturing of high-precision metal pieces. It is widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries, among others, due to the low margin error and low thermal impact that the method has on the piece.
Maximum thickness: Up to 15mm (depending on the material, aluminum or steel)
Workbench size: 6020mm x 1500mm

Pipe laser cutting

We have a unique system for cutting square, rectangular and round pipes, which enables to create preassembled structures and high-complexity projects. Characteristics: pipes of up to 6m long and 3.2mm thick.