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hierro cuadrado, perfiles

Approximate weight per meter [Kg]

medidas de hierrro cuadrado


6 meter-long sections.

Uses and applications:

Square sections are used in a wide variety of sectors, including: agribusiness, industry, general forging.
Agribusiness : Suitable for the repair of facilities and machinery.
Industry: Common tools and machinery.
General forging: Suitable for making fences, wrought-iron bars, gates, rails, etc.

Technical characteristics:

Hot rolled bars with square cross-section. Manufactured with top quality, low-carbon content steel.

Manufacturing standards


IRAM-IAS U500-600/03 (Grade 1010 and 1016) standard.
Compliance with IRAM-IAS U500-600/03 (Grade 1045) standard upon request.

Dimensional tolerance

Under IRAM-IAS U 500-605/89 standard.

Quality Assurance

Each package received is carefully inspected to ensure top quality of our products.